How and why I blog can be summed up like this.

Almost daily I am asked by co-worker or family member my insights or opinion on varies different things. They ask my thoughts on certain financial speakers opinions. They ask about the best way to pay off debt. Some want to know the difference between stock and bonds. Others want insights on how to start investing in the stock market.  Where to get help when starting a non-profit organization asked another. They also want to my insights on weight loss and the best resources for creating a healthy lifestyle. So, I figured I would start a blog therefore I can share with many people at one time.

I thought about blogging for almost a year,not knowing where to start. I wanted to be a blogger, but I knew nothing about blogging or anyone that actually blogged. So I put it to the back of my mind and carried on with my daily routine called life. Then 6 months later putting it off was no longer option. What changed you ask. What was the deciding factor in starting, you ask.  Well, I took an online class called 31 Days like a Mogul with the Mogulist, Lanee Javet. ( you can find the course at ) Although, this was a huge commitment of 1 hour every night for the entire month of January, I committed & completed the course.

Through those 31 days in January 2018, I learned that I am a Mogul. We all are Moguls in our own right. I learned how to reach back in my past and confront the issues that enabled me to hold myself back from greatness. I learned how to create a life map that will be used as a road map to accomplish the awesome things I want out of life. The class also showed me how to create a vision board so that I’m constantly reminded of the amazing life I’m working toward. I was also shown the power of tremendous affirmations and how to select motivating mentors for every aspect of my life. I was taught that having a super support group of like-minded individuals is extremely important. Being a loner this last one was a huge hurdle I still struggle to climb.


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